Q1: What are Amaryllo's biometric cameras?

Amaryllo's biometric cameras are security identification and authentication devices that use advanced algorithms to verify/recognize the identity of a person based on his/her unique physiological characteristics, including facial images and voice signatures; as well as identify numerous objects.

Q2: How many faces can Amaryllo's biometric camera recognize?

With Amaryllo's service plan, we offer up to 10 recognized faces. Even if users are on the Free Plan, our biometric cameras can still recognize up to 4 faces free of charge!

Q3: What happens if there is no internet connection?

You will immediately receive a notification telling you the device is offline. Thanks to the microSD card support or embedded internal memory, depending on the camera models, recordings will be kept there until camera returns online.

Q4: Where can I view my recorded videos?

Your videos can be easily accessed through the Amaryllo App on your smartphone, tablet and even on PC/Mac!
*Available on selected Amaryllo Service Plans.

Q5: How many people can have access to my camera?

As many as you like! There are two sharing options –
Admin access (full access): https://reurl.cc/6gWe5Z
Viewer access (viewing access only): https://reurl.cc/W4jVYe

Q6: Is it free to watch live video?

Absolutely! Once setup is complete, you can immediately access live streaming.

Q7: How many cameras can I connect to the app?

Unlimited and free of charge!

Q8: What happens after my 30-day free Plan trial expires?

You can easily select one of our service plans directly within our Amaryllo app. Alternatively, you can opt out and downgrade to the Free Plan. To learn more about our plans, please see: https://www.amaryllo.us/plans

Q9: Will my Amaryllo camera still operate without subscribing to a service plan?

Yes! All of Amaryllo's biometric cameras will operate without any additional fee, including access to live streaming, send out alert notifications, and recognize up to 4 faces. However, service plans are recommended to enjoy all the advance biometric features Amaryllo has to offer as well as backup your recorded videos to better safeguard your home.

Q10: Where can I find more support?

Have a technical issue? Please check out our Tips and How-To Or, you may reach our support team via: 1. Email 2. Online chat: Chat box is located in the lower right corner on our website.